Svetlakov ridiculed dance Buzova: Than again “surprised” star?

Olga Buzova – one of those in the Russian show business is not so much impressive creativity as an ability to attract fans to criticize. The success of this individual are also assessed, but not so vehemently, but a lot more people prefer to “walk” on her looks, vocal talent, and more.




In fact, the principle of “hype” – to become famous (if not previously known), or to add to the list a new publication in the media, expressing something in the direction of Olga Buzova. Discuss this person anything and everything, although, judging by the comments in different media, such discussion, many Internet users began to pall, the people demand another object of ridicule. However, Olga Buzova is at the peak, the more that the reasons continue to be, and when it will end is not known.



For example, just yesterday, a certain individual by the name of Roman declared himself the brother of the artist, “making” under one of the pictures in her Instagram. The young man on his account presented a small movie, saying that it was his path to popularity, and in the legend noting the sisters Bozovich – actually, Olga and the youngest representative of the glorious family of Anna. Most likely the account is fake because the press is no information about this brother of a leading “House-2” no.



Such relative at all Olga Buzova has – according to newspaper archives it in 2015 went to his wedding. However, in the picture from this event is not exactly that young person who has registered an account in fotosite.

Several users immediately advised lover pretending to be someone is not, “not to shame”, PR on a popular personality. In fact, neither Anna nor Olga comments to the first post, “brother” is not allowed, which further proves the idea of fakultte. However, like it or not, will become clear later. While that itself Buzova provides subscribers familiar to her eccentricities, criticized all and Sundry.



So, very significant was the behavior of the actress in the second episode of the fourth season of the show dancing with the stars, where she was invited as one of the judges. Star prisutstvoval at the casting and she came on the scene, a little podvyadshie and performing “Little half”. Miguel, as a dance mentor, along with Tatyana Denisova, then walked about the quality of the execution of the dance, laughing defiantly.



Sergei Svetlakov, “national judge”, could not refuse criticism of singing Buzova when she left the stage and joined the jury. Actor and presenter in a malicious manner covered part of the song “Little half”. However, Buzova, as usual, reacted quite calmly, jokingly stating that Svetlakov her jealous. “National judge” did not stop, continuing to discuss vocal colleagues on the jury in “Dancing” later, when she spoke about the talents of one of the participants. Buzova just laughed, but the other two judges, Miguel and Tatiana Denisova, apparently do not particularly welcome such conversations, they were clearly bored.



Olga Buzova same forced smile later, one of the participants. Rita, Saveli was the room in which she’s wearing quite a caricature costume of the black woman, dancing under the “Little half”. In fact, a girl, featuring low cut of his idol, has passed the casting stage, and later said that it was important to her – a recognition of the talents of Olga Buzova.


By the way, the fourth season is remembered not only some scandalous presence of the leading “House-2”, and the fact that there is Yegor Druzhinin, instead of which there is just the above mentioned Tatyana Denisova. According to rumors, the famous dancer either was too busy with other projects, or he was not satisfied how voted among the spectators. Currently Yegor Druzhinin can be seen in a children’s talent show “You’re super! Dancing” on NTV.



What else “happy” Olga Buzova? Another photo from the Seychelles, where there were issues of “House-2”. In fact, the figure of the artist is often criticized, especially when she allows herself to appear in a swimsuit. However, one of the images was not directly the appearance, but also the perspective in which there appeared the artist. Buzova, lying on the beach, sparked a wave of criticism. Some wrote that it is like a big fish that washed ashore. Other with a certain degree of irony asked for help or even to call the staff of the funeral home, as clearly Buzova something wrong.


Third was surprised that the artist is again “the chest there was” almost a meme account the leading “House-2”. In the photos you can see she has a decent bust, it decreases sharply. Wine in various swimwear the use of photoshop is not yet clear. Haters, naturally, are inclined to believe that the second option is true. In addition, they did not like the caption: “Expect – appropriate”. Users sarcastically asked what I wanted to say Olga Buzova this “stupidity”.


Artist from time to time post pictures with pretentious quotations, which hints at its exclusivity, but some scene still partially correspond to the text. The above picture is clearly not from this series. In short, another reason for the haters to tell you what else is bad in Buzova, argue with each other at the same time – battles in the comments specifically to this photo interestingness and lack of censornet almost exceeded the photo itself.