Susan Sarandon admitted bisexuality: “I’m open to new relationships”

70-year-old Susan Sarandon shocked its fans with a sensational statement. It turns out that the actress interesting partners both male and female sexes. The star of “Thelma and Louise” admitted that he is “open to a new relationship, especially since her sexual orientation allows you to meet with men and women.”

“In addition, I am a staunch and die-hard supporter of monogamy, and can not boast of a long list of lovers,” said Susan.

The recognition of bisexuality was not the only one. The actress has confirmed that went up in Hollywood the rumor about her affair with actor Philip Sayer. With him Sarandon worked on the film “Hunger” in 1989.

According to Susan, she was the only woman in the life of Philip for the simple reason that he was a homosexual: “He was gay, but never talked about it. Nevertheless, we loved each other in every sense of the word, I was the only woman in his life.”

Throughout life, Susan was seen in relationships exclusively with men, because her confession has become a sensational.

10 years, the actress has been married to actor Chris Sarandon. Next had a relationship with Director Franco Amurri, from which was born a girl, and then Susan was in love with the actor Tim Robbins, who gave birth to two sons.

In 2015, the actress has split up with 37-year-old entrepreneur Jonathan Bricklin after five years of relationship.

Source: hellomagazine.com
Photo: vk.com

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