Studio New Line Cinema will shoot the sequel to “there goes the light…”

Studio New Line Cinema will shoot the sequel to “there goes the light…”

Team profitable horror “And the lights go out…” received an order for the sequel.

James WAN, with the consent of the Studio New Line Cinema has organized another horror franchise. The Director of “Spells”, “Astrals” and the first “Saw” and producer of “the curse of Annabelle” will help the Swede David F. Sandberg with the sequel of the fresh horror “And the lights go out…”, which the Studio gave the green light. Exclusive published the website Deadline.

The film Sandberg grew out of short film in 2013 about not taking light of the terrible female Ghost. Aspiring filmmaker took it for a penny (with his wife Lotte listen) to get a grant for photography from the national film Institute, but instead he got a call from Hollywood.

Sandberg remains in the Director’s office. The writer of the first movie Eric Heisserer in too. Now is brainstorming on new ideas for the film.

Before his Hollywood film debut, released last week, Sandberg has directed seven short films. According to him, New Line Cinema is now eyeing one of them, too, to make it a full meter. “And the lights go out…” for the first weekend in worldwide box office used $36,15 million with a budget of $4.9 million

Last month, Sandberg has started filming the sequel, “curse of Annabel”. The film will be released may 19, 2017.


Source and photo: kinomania.ru