Strong ritual on acquiring money

Money rules the world, so the desire to live in prosperity seems quite reasonable. But not everyone can afford the luxury. In such case, you can go to a powerful ritual that will help to get rich.

In the world there is no man who does not want a comfortable life. To dream of financial well-being — the normal course of things, because cool never in what does not deny. However, in the modern world many people have to work several times more than the norm to feed himself and his family, but in this case, the money is still never enough. There is a solution — money ritual that will help to increase cash flow.

Rules of conduct the ceremony

There are many ways to get rich. Active actions can be reinforced by monetary incantations or rituals. However, in order to recharge your money energy, you need to remember about inner spirit and rules of the rituals.

It is not necessary to hope that after the ritual you will dramatically rich. It does not happen. Strong ritual will only help those who are struggling to increase their income and believes in the power of rituals. Most of the rituals for the attainment of money, wealth and financial prosperity are considered harmless. The fact that they are aimed at strengthening the biofield and the opening of the monetary channel, not borrowing someone else’s success.

Your every desire is the source of energy. To energy the message began to work, you need to constantly think that you can earn a lot of money. Forget about the negative attitude and phrases like: “I don’t have enough money”, “I won’t be able to get rich”. What thoughts form the material world.

A powerful ritual for gaining a lot of money

This ritual you can carry out at home. Its effectiveness will depend entirely on your mood. You need to be patient and perform all strictly on points, without adding anything from myself. All your actions should remain a secret, nobody should know that you have decided to perform the ritual to attract money.

The conduct of the ceremony. You’ll need a clay saucer or any other utensils from clay, candle out of the Church, the coins and paper towels. Clay container should be placed in your room on the floor, preferably near the door jamb. Throughout the week, you need to throw one coin with thoughts about the imminent enrichment. As a result, after 7 days your plate must accumulate seven coins. Important condition: they must be of different values or of different sizes. Casting coins, you need to read the plot which is:

“Throw a coin in a clay pot, to me she returned. Shine, coin, ring and make me (your name) the richest in the world.”

A week later, when you collect peculiar collection of seven coins in one place, wait for midnight and move a container of money on the table, covered with towels. Coins need to get with my bare hands and spread around the dish. Then remove the clay dishes from the table, leaving on it only the money that form a circle. In the center of this circle place the jar with salt in which to insert a lighted candle. Looking at the flames, read the plot:

“Behind the endless field lies a stone very heavy. On this stone is carved my sadness about how heavy sorrow my strength sucked but need cash life crippled. Not in my gaps, and money, that’s why my heart bleeds. Now, as soon as I put out the candle, so soon the wealth will attract. As this candle melts away, and my need decreases. Pribavlyaetsya, wealth. As it is said and done.”

Once I read the plot, wait until the candle burns out, and go to sleep. Waking up, put all the coins back into the bowl and leave it on the table. Now is your money mascot.

Everyone has their own methods of earning your way to wealth. You can try and other rituals, but don’t forget to tune into positive thoughts and improve your skills. We wish you a speedy enrichment, and success for all