Strong plots for salt: attract love and good luck

Table salt is not only indispensable food but also has a strong energy properties. With its help, you can not only give a taste of the food, but also to give a taste of life — to attract good luck and love.

Even in everyday life, salt is an indispensable product: without her, none of the hostess. Many people do not even suspect how unusual the properties of this common food additive. It is used for holding white and black charms, charms and even put a curse. Anyone who at least once used salt in the rituals, he was convinced of its power. It’s no wonder our ancestors admired her properties, and many of the rituals and incantations reached even to the present day.

This extraordinary power of ordinary table salt due to the fact that the crystals of product are energy. They respond well to external information and can learn from the energy and mood of a person. Any words spoken over the salt, charging it crystals, amplifying their effects.

Power chetvergova salt

It is believed that much of the miraculous power of the Holy Thursday, or black salt, is prepared on Holy Thursday. With the aid of such a product is often carried out various rituals. This salt is a strong talisman, and its application to conspiracies doubly reinforces and accelerates the result. Unfortunately, this is a dietary Supplement not just buy in the store, and even cook it only once a year, on the eve of the great feast of Easter.

To prepare black chetvergova salt you’ll need to buy a normal table, but it must be done necessarily on the last Thursday before Easter — Maundy Thursday. Then go to the Church with the purchased product and attend the service from beginning to end. While the service doesn’t require any rituals with salt — enough that in this moment she was with you. After returning home, calcined salt in a pan or in the oven. Then pour it in a jar or salt shaker, but keep so that it does not catch the eye of other people.

After these simple manipulations you can use Thursday salt for any purpose. Many people simply add it to food, especially cooked for Easter. Those who wish to acquire a desired use it in rituals and incantations.

The plot of salt to attract love

Very often a complete lack of love in our lives or unrequited feelings cause discomfort. So Cupid’s arrow is not flying past you use effective love spell.

Take an ordinary piece of paper, write on it all the qualities of your future chosen one or chosen one. Then put it on both hands and say:

“Yes, what I want!”.

Then take a small handful of salt, pour it on a sheet of paper and roll it so that the salt does not Wake up. Thereafter, the resulting paper bag bury it in his yard, not that you had to look for a lover, and he was able to find you.

Attract good fortune with the help of salt

Sometimes many people think that in life they often have troubles and sorrow, and luck passes them by. If you notice that your life has no joy and luck, will help you effectively plot on salt to bring good luck.

Take an ordinary faceted glass and pour on the Holy water. Add the water a pinch of salt and say:

“Like salt in the Holy water soluble, so all my troubles will dissolve. As the water pours out, and good luck in my life will join. Amen!”.

Then pour the water from the window or under the threshold of his house. To speed up the result, repeat this ritual at least once a week. Over time, you notice improvement not only in business, but also at work and in personal life.

The conspiracy was strong on Thursday Sol: attract good luck and money

This plot will help you not only bring good luck, but improving your financial situation. The ritual itself is carried out using chetvergova salt, so the most suitable day is also Thursday.

Sprinkle salt in a small bag or pouch, firmly squeeze it into your palms and say:

“Will not failure and poverty I fall on the way. I will not grief and troubles to meet. Enemies never hurt me you can’t, friends in adversity will always help. My words are strong, eternal and infinite”.

Wear a small bag of salt in your pocket or bag. It will not only help you attract success and money, but will be your talisman against the evil eye and spoilage.

Charmed objects, items and even products already have some power. Don’t forget that conspiracy will help you only if you truly want something. Also remember that any magical rituals are effective, if you hold them with only good intentions. In the fall of the year we, as always, expect rainy weather, so don’t miss the opportunity to use charms for rain to bring good luck, which was selected for you by the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru. Let your life be filled with only happy moments,