“Strange” relations Lisa Triantafilidis and Roman Gritsenko

Lisa suffers and breaks into the Clearing, as she misses her Novel. But he enjoys being alone in the club. Such relationships are perplexing the audience.

On “Dom-2” show how Lisa Triantafilidis and Roman Gritsenko undergo tests. A past betrayal has faded into the background and now everyone can see how Lisa suffers for her boyfriend and insists that sent her to the Clearing, but he Gritsenko not too share these feelings, which shows the strangeness of their relationship. On arrival at the Seychelles, Triandafilidis did not start to breed concerts about suffering, however Gritsenko, this situation is not much, and he said that Lisa had taken the audience to get bored and rush back to the Clearing, then let her go. She followed the advice of the Novel, however, to send back the girl while the management is not going to.

Lisa praised for attachment to Gritsenko, while Roma himself decided to relax and go to the club without a camera, to enjoy the solitude. Viewers increasingly can not understand their relations and hope that they will soon be allowed to leave and begin to build a fate in new ways, as their relationship looks very strange.