Still actress: Olga Buzova starred in the TV series about Chernobyl

The famous Russian star Olga Buzova once again made everyone to talk about themselves. As it became known, now Olga Buzova — not only TV presenter in the “House-2” and aspiring singer, but also a serious actress (formerly star played in the movie itself and the role in the Comedy). As admitted by the ex-wife of Dmitry Tarasov, she was invited for the filming of the series about Chernobyl.

For those who are not aware of reports that the series “Chernobyl. Exclusion zone” appeared on the screens in 2014. It was viewed a huge number of people and he deservedly became one of the most popular series on Russian TV this year. Now to the story to join, and Olga Buzova, which recently criticized Maria Kozhevnikova.