Steven Spielberg takes the fourth film about “Men in black”

It became known that the famous Director is busy filming the fourth film about “Men in black”. According to preliminary information, it will be a spin-off of the main series.

It’s been announced that Steven Spielberg, who produced the first three “Men in black” take a direct part in the creation of the fourth film of the franchise. At the same time, Spielberg explained that the new movie will not be a direct sequel “Men in black 3”. Legendary filmmaker intends to create a spin-off, that is, a movie based on a branch from the main story.

Spielberg said that his movie is unlikely to emerge characters, already loved the first three films, agent Kay (played by Tommy Lee Jones) and Jay (will Smith). As told the Director that he intends to introduce in his new movie heroes, who with no less enthusiasm will be difficult to resolve an intergalactic conflict.

By the way, Spielberg has shared some interesting information: it turns out, the producers initially wanted to give the role of agent j in the original trilogy, not will Smith. The main contender for this role was actor Chris O’donnell, best known for her role as Robin in two Batman movies. However, the Director of the first of the films — Barry Sonnefeld — Chris did not like it. And he went to the trick: slowly convinced the actor that the film is not too bright prospects. In the end, O’donnell he refused the role, and she went to Smith. To whom will entrust the main role in the new film, due out in theaters in may 2019, the creators kept secret.