Steven Seagal has bought in Minsk is part of a skyscraper

American actor, the action star and, as it turned out, the winner of the Belarusian roots, Steven Seagal decided to buy on their small country estate. According to local media, during the visit to the capital of Belarus Stephen visited the office of a construction company, and Dana Holding has acquired an entire floor in the multifunctional complex “Minsk lighthouse”.

The confessions of the artist, he really liked the concept of the construction project, including not only a shopping center, offices, an entertainment component, but also school and a kindergarten.
“I love house “Picasso”. From its Windows offer beautiful views of the National library, the Park and Boulevard Picasso. I plan to buy the whole floor,” said Stephen.
Recall that Segal arrived in Belarus in cooperation with the major Belarusian IT-company Wargaming, which develops computer games. Stephen was invited as a consultant created for the game “World of Warships” for heroic battles. Of course, not missed the visit of this distinguished guest and the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko, who invited the star fighters to his residence.
Stephen, not without interest looked as clean potatoes and harvest melons, and also received as a gift from Lukashenko the book and the dagger. Belarusian media reported that after trying the Belarusian friedge and fat, Segal was delighted.

Source: https://ria.ru
Photo: http://www.ntv.ru

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