Steve Marseille: “Every family experiencing the problem, as if it’s nuclear war!”

The singer revealed to “StarHit” who manipulates him. Stepan is preparing for big concerts. The actor told how he and his wife survived the crisis in relations and the division of domestic responsibilities.

In 31 years the leader of the band “Marseille” Styopa Ledkov, Stepan has everything a man can dream: a beautiful wife, two beautiful children, crowds of fans and the desire not to stand still. Now, the musician is preparing for a big solo concerts on October 20 in Moscow and 22nd in St.-Petersburg. The day before Steve said “StarHit”, as he and his wife experienced a crisis in the relationship, what to teach children and how to divide chores.

“Tired of partying”

— Steve, now we’re talking, while you go to the airport. Wife used to – not jealous of the fans?Katya in touch, always connected in Matsapa. Yes, and I have got out of that age when you want after the concert the rave. The first five years constantly entertained. And now every time I come to a new city, tightly close the curtains and flop into bed. At the beginning of the joint life of Katya, of course, I’m a little controlled. But in our pair rather I’m jealous. Sometimes, such scenes are staged!— It is, as far as I know, not only educates children, but still have time to work?At the moment she’s just a mom, a wife. Katie has had many successful projects, but at some point, tired, I realized that health is more important, and left. Still not bored at work. I only want her to spend more time at home with the kids. And the family budget we have in common – now you just bring in, they bring money. Now certainly all of your time is preparing for the concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Where it is easier to speak?Of course, in St. Petersburg. Houses and walls help. But the audience here is very different from Moscow. In the capital people come just to have fun, and Neve first listen. I still have the jitters before every concert. Only for 12 th year of existence of the group, I felt that we finally conquered this city.— Never thought to move to live in the capital?A few times there was a thought – because of his wife. But she’d given up, decided: we live in St. Petersburg, are planning a country house to buy, now I look at different options.— The kids complain that dad’s always gone?With the son of Danae, he is now 10, spread constantly in Matsapa messages, sends me a photo of the spinners. Of course they miss you. He is always waiting for me with the tour to show new trick learned on the Internet. Time 11 at night, and he refuses to go to sleep before I drive from the airport. It so happened that I have many friends illusionists, I introduced Dan to them. They admire, they say: “the Kid is doing such tricks, which we 20, only learned.”— And my daughter what talents?Adriana, she is 4, very sociable, always smiling, singing songs may any person get to know all charms. Manipulator is growing that still. We recently gave her vocals to children’s cultural centre. At the audition, the daughter immediately took to the second class. Loves songs from the cartoons, daddy, some, Loboda she likes. Her “Clouds” Adri, I think, takes more powerful than Svetlana. Touches to tears.— Something bring the kids from the tour, indulge?Adriana loves sweet. Sometimes I think that I am going to buy her a gift of something huge, and she suddenly asks: “Dad, bring “Tiktak”. Choose t-shirts, toys. I’m a dad, I have a job to indulge. Mom is stricter. But the voice we’re trying to improve. Adrian can sometimes capricious, in order to their. But only when with dad. If with mom, then she has nothing, everything is okay — You and Katia 7 years together, there were crises in the relationship? Of course, there are problems. But they are more because we care about each other. We are both creative, emotional. I every family experiencing the problem, as if it were a nuclear war. To put up come by turns, and of the messengers is very helpful in this.— They say that the repair is a relationship test. You are just in this stage.The first repair almost got us divorced. Barely made it through. Wanted to hang in the kitchen plates, such that in this house there are: “happiness”, “joy”… I bought a stencil, and did it wrong. The day we suffered: painted, repainted. When finished, direct exhaled, hugged. Now I want to change the floor to keep it warm. Katya goes shopping, chooses the color, the pattern, throws me in Matsapa options, I agree.— And how do chores share?Prepares we have a wife, she taught me. Connects to everything the nanny of the children. I worked in outdoor advertising – and welding, and learned construction, industrial climbing mastered. So hands remember. She’s always helping mom clear the table. She herself is interesting. Danya cleaning the house makes. Sometimes assumes the duties of the sisters when she is lazy. A true elder brother.