Stesha Malikova went to University

Daughter Dmitry Malikov will be a student.

This year said goodbye to the school, the daughter of Dmitry Malikov. The girl was actively preparing to enter the MGIMO, because to successfully pass the exam is not for all students. The Stesha was lucky – she got on the exams the highest scores .

The girl admitted that really happy

From the moment the girl became aware of the results, became evident and excitement. She applied to College and decided not to wait for the verdict of the admissions Committee and go on vacation. Along with family, she moved to warmer climes, and from there watched the whole thing.

Just a few hours ago, while in Sunny Italy, the daughter of Dmitry Malikov shared a wonderful news and wiped his nose to those who did not believe in it. “And today I finally realized that entered the University!” – she wrote on his page in the Network.

The girl confessed that they really happy because the result is obtained, and all her suffering were not in vain.