Stephen fry is under investigation for blasphemy

The police of the Republic of Ireland conducts a review in relation to the well-known British writer and comic actor Stephen fry. The latter is under investigation in accordance with local law, aimed at protecting the rights of believers, in other words, Mr. fry is officially charged with blasphemy.

This story takes more from 2015, when fry was a guest of the “Meaning of life” on the Irish TV channel RTE. Then, answering the questions that he asked the Lord, standing at the gates of hell, Stephen said that does not respect the “capricious, selfish and narrow thinking being,” and believes that he created the world of injustice, pain and poverty.
“Ancient gods, at least, did not pretend to omniscience” — quipped fry. Faithful viewers were outraged, and a resident of the town of Ennis complained EN fry to local authorities and even went on the radio program on the BBC, claiming heavy offense caused by the actor.
Under the so-called law “On defamation”, applicable as from 2009, fry can be fined 25 thousand euros. The journalists asked the police for clarification, but since the investigation is not ended, the comments nobody gives.

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