Stepan Menshikov suddenly learned that his son is not from him

On the show “really” came to Stepan and Eugene Menshikov who decided to sort out relations. During the program, according to the results of the DNA test it turned out that the son of Stepan not from him.

Stepan and Eugene Menshikov became heroes of the program “In fact,” during which the man learned that their first wife and child actually was born not from it. Parting Stepan and Eugene was a great shock for fans of the spouses, because recently they had a daughter.

The initiator of the divorce became Eugene, who accused her husband that he was engaged exclusively in his career and didn’t pay enough attention to her and the children. Officially marriage Menishikova not yet terminated, but they live separately and came to the program “actually” in order to finally put all the points in their relationship.

According to a source familiar with the situation, shortly before shooting Stephen and his son Ivan passed the genetic test, the results of which are revealed in the broadcast transmission.

In the end it turned out that the man is not the real father of the child. How will the events develop further after the genetic test is unknown, but fans of the spouses still hoping for their reconciliation.