Stepan Menshikov broke up with his wife

However, when we examine his pictures, it becomes obvious that the moment a man more rested than paid job. Therefore, it is not surprising that in a moment Eugenia patience snapped, and she decided to move into separate apartments, but the culprit of what happened – Stepan remained in amazement, the website life-dom2.su.

However, if you believe the words of men’shchikova, he and his wife managed to keep normal communication, therefore, it is certain that Jack is in any case will not bring interference to communicate with children. For peaceful relations with the Steppe and hopes Shamaeva. The truth is much more Zhenyu interested in settling in a new apartment and a lonely career business moms.

“What is he nasty he just a clown to play from the movie “It”, “Now Moscow residents understand why the weather in the capital was on the turn. The stench from such a “meaningful” resident” is quite critical the audience about Stepan.