Stella Baranovskaya: what has died, the latest news

Famous Russian actress Stella Baranovskaya died after a long struggle with cancer disease. The first information about the death of the actress has released her Internet friend radio host and lawyer Katya Gordon. She admitted that Stella was seriously passed away.

“Stella he died a Martyr’s death… in wild pain,” wrote Gordon in his blog. Along with this, the girl recorded a video message to all concerned in which with tears in his eyes explained, he could not accept the news of the death Baranovskaya, which left a six year old son Dan.

Separately, Gordon is focused on those people who in her opinion, did everything possible to make her death was painful. In particular, she remembered that many accused Stella of quackery and raise money for treatment for a nonexistent illness. Supposedly Baranovskaya invented the terrible diagnosis in order to enrich themselves.

“Anfisa [Chekhov], Zara helped as best they could,” added the activist. “Helped her friends… and she lived in poverty…” – said Gordon, who also for a long time defended the good name of the actress.

She said that Baranovskaya did not refuse treatment, as conveyed by some media. According to the woman, in the last days of life Baranovskaya “experienced extreme pain and could not walk.” However, the actress tried to fight, fought to the last. Currently, as explained by Gordon, the process of registration of documents and the organization of the funeral.

The actress helped her star girlfriend Lera Kudryavtseva, Anfisa Chekhova and Zara. However, the disease progressed, and the woman’s condition did not improve.

Stella’s Baranovskaya was spiteful critics, who treated her very unkindly and hounded the actress in social networks. Among them was Madina Tatraiva, also took part in the filming of a talk show with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Kate Gordon stated that such speculation was untrue. Baranovskaya refused traditional treatment methods, because they did not help her.