Stella Baranovskaya, the news today: cancer killed the young actress

Monday, September 4, the actress died Stella Baranovskaya. This was reported by radio presenter Kate Gordon. Baranovskaya suffered from oncological disease – acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and he became the cause of her death. The terrible diagnosis put to the actress in early 2016. Despite all the efforts of doctors, the disease was a significant and deadly.

Specifically, I will focus on Instagram Stella Baranovskaya of concern caring people. After numerous attacks in her direction, she closed the page, so those whom she is not in the subscribers view the girl’s photos on her page can’t. And since the surviving girls are more not, to approve the subscription simply no. So you can pick up the photos of the celebrities taken on the page of her friends. They can’t believe that this wonderful girl is no more. It’s so hard to fight when you turned away, tell friend Stella. She died in anguish, knowing her son alone, because his father he is simply not needed. At least this position is expressed in the close environment of the actress.

Singer Zara said that for a long time the son of the deceased actress Stella Baranovskaya lived in her house. The boy lived at Zara during his mother’s illness and after her death.

The actress said that the actress’s son Daniel hasn’t yet commented on the death of his mother. “The last few days I was beside her and tried to do everything to ease her suffering. Son of Stella, the Child, lived in my family. Wonderful, kind, a little rowdy, a very loving mother. We went to children’s stores, where he chose a toy and stickers with the image of a butterfly, saying that they will love mom. We told him nothing yet talking. It’s so small,” said the singer.

Zara also said that now the child took his great-grandmother. Nevertheless, the fate of the child has not yet been resolved. Relatives who may adopt a child there. His prospective father – Maxim Kotin is not recorded in the birth certificate of Daniel.

It is unknown who will eventually live boy. This question is trying to deal with this other friend of the dead actress – Kate Gordon and Anfisa Chekhova.
Yesterday it became known that the 30-year-old actress Stella Baranovskaya died of cancer. This was reported by a friend of the actress Catherine Gordon. Later and other celebrities have posted a farewell letter to Stella.

In his post Catherine Gordon not only said goodbye to his friend, but he denounced the father of her son Dani max Kotina that he denied his paternity, and before her death, Stella suffered not so much from physical pain as from the mental.

“My beautiful little Girl who wanted love, and that it would have understood… Wanted to go their own way and meet it support! Which so many have fought and desperately believed in miracles. And in people — that it has failed. Thank you for everything you taught me!!! Thank you for the Love you gave. When the heart a lot, the words get stuck in my throat. Abuse myself, did not have time last time to tell you that I Love you. But you know, tithe. We with you necessarily shall meet! Until the next life, my dear girl! I’m sorry I couldn’t give everything I could. You have a good flight, my angel,” farewell to a friend Anfisa Chekhova (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. – Approx. ed.).

“Did not the most beautiful, kind, gentle girl. I can’t believe and find the right words. You suffered and suffered, how many tests have you fallen on your fragile soul,” he sent a message to Stella Lera Kudryavtseva.

As it turned out, Stella was familiar and Timothy’s mom Simona Yunusova: “Today, stopped beating heart of the Stella Baranovskaya. Only 30, but what a bright and love-filled life! I learned from you the wisdom, patience and devotion. You could see the beauty and enjoy simple things… Rest in peace, good soldier… In my heart will always have a place for your purple heart. You know what I mean…”