Stella Baranovskaya died: where he filmed the actress in any movies, biography

Painful and cruel disease claimed the life of another young actress. On the death of Stella Baranovskaya network users and the public learned on 4 September. Hair stand on end from the terrible details of her death. Stella’s life was not very cheerful. Horrific details about Stella Baranovskaya said the famous radio presenter Kate Gordon.

Stella Baranovskaya died at 5 am on 4 August. Such information shared Katya Gordon, who helped the girl. Stella Baranovskaya died from cancer. According to some Stella was 30 years old. Kate Gordon said that Stella was dying a very painful death and suffered from unbearable pains. Stella’s ball son from Maxim Kotin, which the child did not recognize. The girl hoped that her ex-boyfriend acknowledges the son, after her death, but this did not happen. Currently 6-year-old Danny lives with his grandmother. As you know, until the last son of Stella was with her. The girl also maintained Anfisa Chekhova and Zara.

After receiving an acting education, Stella just did not have time to exercise their acting talent in the film industry almost immediately after graduation ill with leukemia.

It is known that she played in the film “the grandson of the cosmonaut”, a film shot by Andrei Panin and a number of episodic roles in several films and television series.

Stella’s a few years ago was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia, in other words, a severe form of blood cancer. The diagnosis of Stella put to the end of 2015.

Once Stella found out he had cancer, she began to raise money for medical treatment in the social networks. She was only one course of chemotherapy and was feeling better as he told his fans. She refused traditional treatment and tried to be treated in unconventional methods.

After some time, Stella was accused of fraud. Stella herself told that she was miraculously healed. Social media users were furious, accusing the girl that her diagnosis she came up with to get rich. Stella herself often publish photos with expensive resorts and looked happy and healthy.