Stella Baranovskaya died of cancer: the funeral of the actress took her friends

A terrible news shocked friends and relatives of the famous actress Stella Baranovskaya. According to recent reports, the young woman was suffering from lymphocytic leukemia for a long time. As stated, a close friend of Stella’s, lawyer Kate Gordon, the late actress was living out his last days in poverty and terrible pain due to progressive disease.

In 2006, Stella Baranovskaya took part in the TV show “live”, where he spoke about his illness and treatment. She reported that she briefly helped detoxification method, in one of the American clinics. On treatment of the girl had collected a huge amount of money. In addition, many accused Stella that she supposedly spends the collected money wasted on resorts and fictitious illness.

At the moment, the funeral of Stella Baranovskaya engaged to her close friend Kate Gordon and Anfisa Chekhov, as relatives of the deceased were not. Her little son was left an orphan and is still with the grandmother of the actress.

Date and time of funeral are not yet known, but to bury the Baranovskaya will be in the Russian capital.

We will remind, the American experts have diagnosed Baranovskaya at the end of 2015. The press has repeatedly reported that the celebrity tried to use unconventional cancer treatments. The woman managed to find a hospital where cancer is treated by the method of detoxification, an infrared sauna and yoga classes.

Visited Stella and Mexico. In this country the doctors promised to make an injection of a drug that is supposedly able to kill cancer cells. However, it has not brought results. The adjusted data suggest that Baranovskaya struggled with cancer – acute lymphoblastic leukemia