Stella Baranovskaya died of cancer: biography, funeral

Declaring about healing from cancer Stella Baranovskaya died from cancer. Cause of death was blood cancer – acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Blood cancer still killed a young actress Stella Baranovsky, has become in recent years quite well known media person.

30-year-old actress Stella Baranovskaya not very well known to a wide audience as a performer prominent roles. Although she starred in many television series and films, but in small episodes, often it is not even mentioned in the credits. For example, she played the girl with the car of tragicomedy in 2006, “the grandson of the cosmonaut”, written by Andrei Panin.

Many people didn’t believe that Stella really sick. One of nedobrozhelateli was Tatraiva Madina that accused the actress that she is not sick and spends collected for treatment money to buy personal items and real estate. Also Baranovskaya is the son of max Kotina, but according to Katie, the boy’s father is not paying attention to him.

“Stella he died a Martyr’s death… in the wild pain and worrying about the fact that you Max Kotin, even in this situation, turned away from his young son. And she was crying because of your post Madina Tatraiva that she’s a quack… helped her friends… and she lived in poverty,” wrote Gordon. She told reporters that the sad news was learned this morning from the grandmother of the actress.

Katya also did not hide that the last time the son of Stella often stayed at her house. According to her, the last days, the girl experienced severe pain and could hardly walk. She also denied rumors that the actress refused to undergo chemotherapy. “Now we make the funeral arrangements,” – said Gordon, who along with colleagues is organizing the funeral of a friend.

And her friends acting workshop raised money for treatment. But still, the disease was stronger. But, apparently, Stella managed to win. And she appeared in “live” and talked about innovative methods of treatment. About his illness, she told me very frankly. Was in America for treatment method of detoxification. Lectures, yoga classes and infrared sauna. That kind of treatment. Then Baranovskaya went to Mexico. Tried to be treated by doctors practicing metaphysical technique. Stella believed that it helps. And in fact, the disease passed into the next, an incurable, stage.