Stella Baranovskaya died: a biography of the actress, where the funeral will be

Cancer killed 30-year-old actress Stella Baranovskaya, who became famous in the whole country after he decided on a Frank recognition in the struggle for life with the dangerous disease. Despite angry reactions from some people, mostly Stella supported and managed to raise money for treatment. But the efforts of doctors were vain.

Baranovskaya spoke about his difficult history, viewers using the channel “Russia 1”, where he became the guest of the program “live”. Caring was a sufficient number. With their help, funds were raised for treatment of the actress from cancer. She was only one course of chemotherapy and was feeling better as he told his fans. Suddenly, however, she decides to abandon traditional treatment and attempted to be treated in unconventional methods.

Very quickly Stella was accused of fraud. The artist herself spoke about how she was miraculously healed. Social media users were furious, accusing the girl that her diagnosis she came up with to get rich. Baranovskaya often publish photos with expensive resorts and looked happy and healthy. However, the situation changed dramatically when the actress spoke about the impact of cancer. Outdoor shots it looked very painful.

Many colleagues and fans Baranovskaya realized that she could not win the battle with the deadly disease. However, none of them even imagine in their worst dreams could not imagine that the actress died at the age of 30 years.

Currently, friends and colleagues of the Stele are organizing the funeral of the actress. While they did not give specific comments about the date of the farewell ceremony, but only noted that the burial will take place in Moscow.

Baranovskaya not very well known to a wide audience as a performer prominent roles. Although she starred in many television series and films, but in small episodes, often it is not even mentioned in the credits. For example, she played the girl with the car of tragicomedy in 2006, “the grandson of the cosmonaut”, written by Andrei Panin.