Stella Baranovskaya, death: the reasons why the actress died

Young and aspiring actress Stella Baranovskaya died of cancer September 4, 2017. On the death of the actress said Kate Gordon, received information from my grandmother Stella Baranovskaya.

Stella Baranovskaya was 30 years old. She died of lymphoblastic leukemia. In December last year, the actress was able to achieve remission, but by the summer the disease has escalated with a new force. It just so happened that all the efforts of doctors have appeared vain and rescue the actress failed.

Many people didn’t believe that Stella really sick. One of nedobrozhelateli was Tatraiva Madina that accused the actress that she is not sick and spends collected for treatment money to buy personal items and real estate. Also Baranovskaya is the son of max Kotina, but according to Katie, the boy’s father is not paying attention to him.

It is known that she played in the film “the grandson of the cosmonaut”, a film shot by Andrei Panin and a number of episodic roles in several films and television series.

After several courses of chemotherapy, Stella Baranovskaya decided to bet on unconventional therapies. She came to one of the American clinics where it seems to be the practice of the cancer treatment method of detoxification. Patients there attend special yoga classes and to pass radiation in an infrared sauna.

Around the same time in social networks there were groups that had called to debunk the myth about Stella Baranovskaya. Group administrators insisted that the illness of the girl is imaginary, and all collected – like treatment – the money she spends on luxury resorts, spas and beautiful life.

But later it became clear that in the case of Baranovskaya is a very serious disease that is nearly untreatable. Stella Baranovskaya was only 30 years old.