Stella Baranovskaya, actress: the cause of death, biography, died of what

The death of 30-year-old actress Stella Baranovskaya, as previously reported by our site N4k.Ru that was a complete surprise for fans and many friends of the artist. Despite the fact that the last time she was seriously ill, few people could afford to represent such a premature withdrawal from life.

Stella Baranovskaya c fought cancer for over two years and practiced including unconventional therapies that for her, and took up arms in social networks. Russian model and actress Stella Baranovskaya died at P1-m to year of life. This was reported in the social her friend, the famous journalist and TV presenter Kate Gordon.
Actress December 2015 c fought acute lymphoblastic leukemia, but the disease was stronger. The girl left a small son. It so happened that its popularity in the Internet the young actress bought it in regard co their illness.
Hundreds of thousands of followers watched as she battling against cancer, recovering after chemotherapy and undergoing rehabilitation in warm countries with a favorable climate. In this struggle it supported not only ordinary people but also celebrities. Some of them even posted a Bank account to collect funds for the treatment and rehabilitation of Stella.
After several courses of chemotherapy she decided to make a bet on unconventional therapies. She came to one of the clinics in the United States, where the alleged practice of the cancer treatment method of detoxification. Patients there offered to attend specialized classes in yoga and to pass radiation in an infrared sauna.
Around the same time in social networks there are groups calling to debunk the myth o Stella Baranovskaya. The administrators argued that the girls illness is imaginary, a collected all — ostensibly for treatment — the money she spends on luxury resorts, spas and beautiful life.
Stella died some Martyr’s death in the wild pain and emotions, he wrote on his page in the social network of Katia Gordon. — Helped her friends, and she lived in poverty. Artem gave money to rent an apartment, Anfisa, Zara helped as best he could. A here and there person. There is a baby Dan c a blank in the “fatherhood”, a grandfather c grandmother, the rich men of the world, and o know it don’t want to… Hurt, disgusted and hurt.

After receiving an acting education, Stella just did not have time to exercise their acting talent in the film industry almost immediately after graduation ill with leukemia.

It is known that she played in the film “the grandson of the cosmonaut”, a film shot by Andrei Panin and a number of episodic roles in several films and television series.