Stella Baranovskaya: a biography of the actress

Declaring about healing from cancer Stella Baranovskaya died from cancer. Cause of death was blood cancer – acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Blood cancer still killed a young actress Stella Baranovsky, has become in recent years quite well known media person.

30-year-old actress Stella Baranovskaya not very well known to a wide audience as a performer prominent roles. Although she starred in many television series and films, but in small episodes, often it is not even mentioned in the credits. For example, she played the girl with the car of tragicomedy in 2006, “the grandson of the cosmonaut”, written by Andrei Panin.

Many people didn’t believe that Stella really sick. One of nedobrozhelateli was Tatraiva Madina that accused the actress that she is not sick and spends collected for treatment money to buy personal items and real estate. Also Baranovskaya is the son of max Kotina, but according to Katie, the boy’s father is not paying attention to him.

It is known that shortly before his death, Stella went to the law office of Cathy Gordon and asked him to make a will and to establish paternity for the child, the birth certificate which is blank in the “father”.

Katya tried to contact the alleged biological dad Daniel – Maxim Kotin, but he ignored her message. It is noteworthy that the father of Maxim – Igor Kotin -previously was head of the Department of media representation of the Swiss company Glencore. Currently he is the founder of “NFR Energy”, and his mother – Irina Wintour – the art Director “the Gallery at Mosfilm”.

After the birth of a boy Stella came to the family of Maxim, to show them the baby, but the grandfather of the child asked the guard “that bastard out of the house to clean and did not let”, then Baranovskaya no longer appealed to them for help. However, learning about the disease, decided to formally establish paternity. In recent time the child lived in the family of the singer Zara, and now took him to his grandmother.

Stella Baranovskaya: biography

Stella Baranovskaya was born 27 July 1987. She graduated in acting direction, but her talent was not to be: the actress found out about the diagnosis threat in 2015 – the doctors diagnosed her with acute leukemia.

In a short period, when the disease retreated for a while, Stella has managed to star in the film “the grandson of the cosmonaut”, where she played a girl with a foreign car. The film was released in 2016. Also Baranovskaya played a cameo role in some TV series and movies.