Stella Baranovskaya: a biography of the actress, died from what

A few days ago ended the life of a 30-year-old actress Stella Baranovskaya, which has long struggled with cancer disease. The first reports of the death of the actress appeared online on 4 September. Soon they began to appear details, which immediately became public and is still widely discussed in social networks.

As told by a close friend of the late actress radio presenter Kate Gordon’s death caught Baranovskaya at five o’clock in the morning of September 4. Gordon explained that in the last days of Stella in much pain since she was diagnosed with blood cancer.

Farewell to the actress was held at Epiphany Cathedral on 8 September. The ceremony began early in the morning. 10:00 passed funeral. On the same day a funeral was held Baranovskaya.

Meanwhile, it was revealed unexpected details of the biography, namely the personal life of the actress. It turned out that Stella Baranowski ball son from Maxim Kotin, which the child did not recognize. The girl hoped that her ex-boyfriend acknowledges the son, after her death, but this did not happen. Currently 6-year-old Danny lives with his grandmother. As you know, until the last son of Stella was with her. The girl also maintained Anfisa Chekhova and Zara.

Received acting training Stella didn’t have time to exercise their acting talent in the film industry almost immediately after graduation ill with leukemia.

It is known that she played in the film “the grandson of the cosmonaut”, a film shot by Andrei Panin and a number of episodic roles in several films and television series.