Stefania Malikov: photos in swimsuit actively collects likes

The daughter of the singer Dmitry Malikov – Stefania Malikov continues to travel Europe. In his microblog Stesha shares photos from vacation in the company of friends.

The daughter of a famous musician Dmitry Malikov Stefania Malikov, who just this year graduated from high school, entered the University on faculty of journalism. Family Malikovich learned the good news on the flow during a trip through Europe .

Holiday in Italy on a yacht

Well, until the school year in high school for another month, the beautiful singer and model Stefaniya Malikova fun in the company of friends on a yacht.

In his 17-year-old Stesha has published a number of memorable shots from Europe. The city exactly where they are, she says, but judging by the scenery – an amazingly beautiful place.

Fans of beautiful women are also able to appreciate her natural beauty and lovely figure. A wearer of the Network envy wrote that can be used to paint, but why, after all, Stesha resting?

Beautiful Stesha Malikova

The male half of subscribers admired the beauty of the girl and showered her with flattering words.

“Beautiful Aphrodite,” “Kravica”, “WOW WOW WOW no words.What you grew up BEAUTY”, “Klassnenko”, “Well, I m..but you have dads that make-up is not for pictures”, “scary as shit”. “Very beautiful girl”, “Need the sport. A little bit more and Ala ulyu…”, “can’t you krasavica and clever,” write the users of the network under Stasi Malikova. (RUF. and Item. the authors saved approx. Ed.).

Previously, we reported that the Russian musician Dmitry Malikov nominated for the award “person of the year”.