Stas Sadalsky showed 69-year-old Tatyana Vasilyeva bikini

69-year-old Tatiana Vasilieva has said many times that as long as women have the opportunity to stay young, she must do it. The actress clearly follows the rules, because is a frequent visitor to beauty salons. Do not hesitate Vasiliev and services of plastic surgeons.

The appearance of Tatiana for her age deserves great respect. On the same day we made sure that the actress for life should not only for face but also body.

Proof that Vassiliev is perfect in every way provided Internet users with Stas Sadalsky.

On his page on Instagram, the actor published a picture on which Tatiana is depicted almost without clothes.

“They say:” Eternal youth is impossible! But Tatyana Vasilyeva refutes this assertion. Well, you see , the girl’s right????????????”, — commented on the post Sadalsky, with the tags “#Yalta #Sevastopol #Crimea#Russia #age #youth #Sadalsky #beach #figure”.

Subscribers Stas agreed with him and complained that many and 40 years of such a figure: “”Stas, at least open you a secret – diet or “rocking”? Tummy is just super”. “She even flat tummy laughs,” the admired ones. “Nevertheless, age is evident. More precisely, the shape, the Elderly body, even slim, is better to cover. Well, what is there to admire?” – sigh others.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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