Stas Sadalsky roughly spoke about the failed wedding singer and lopyrevoy

No sooner had the fans to be happy for the happiness of Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva, as it became known that they had cancelled their wedding. Say, on the insistence of the mother of the singer, as on the appointed wedding day will be the memory of a deceased grandfather If.

However, many people back then decided that all the talk about this wedding is just PR. So thinking and actor Stanislav Sadalsky, who rudely ridiculed failed the bride and groom in his blog: “Didlo finishing touch to an amazing picture”. Also from the controversial actor went to the future and witnesses a pair of producer Joseph Prigogine and his wife Valeria: “Diddley received all who came to the Studio malachowsky RTR false-the bride and groom. Although they, as in the Russian proverb: Ssy in the eye, all of God’s dew”.