Stas Kostyushkin lost business in Saint Petersburg – 24???

Singer Stas Kostyushkin told about the problems with the business. A former member of the Duo “Tea for two” opened a fast food chain “Donut Trailer” writes “StarHit”.

In a recent interview the actor admitted that he was forced to close several points of donut shops in St. Petersburg.

Stas Kostyushkin lost business in Saint Petersburg | nadasuge.ru “doing business in St. Petersburg always helped me friend Boris Kopylov. He supervised the production, solved operational issues, everything was on it. But partner was forced to leave the company, he appeared a little confused. In place of the Bori, I did not find, now hard to find a good Manager. Barca the best in the business! So I had to close the fast food chain”, — said Stas.

Despite the turmoil in St. Petersburg, Kostyushkin intends to shift to the suburbs of Moscow and Yaroslavl.

Note that eateries singer of A-Dessa quite popular among Russians. Stas offers to feed client for just 100 rubles — for this amount you can buy tea and five donuts.