Stars supported the Stella McCartney in the fight against violence against women

25 Nov around the world for several years is the Day for the elimination of violence against women.

This event is celebrated by many celebrities, who believe that the more we talk about the problem, the easier and faster it can be solved. So, on the eve of the Day against violence designer Stella McCartney was attracted by their star friends to support the campaign and remind people of the importance of this struggle.

“For the fifth consecutive year I am proud to support the White Ribbon campaign (“the White ribbon”), which aims to end violence against women”, signed designer published in Instagram a picture in which she was depicted with a badge with a white ribbon — the official symbol of the struggle against violence against women. Behind Stella, your photos with a badge has published several celebrities, including Salma Hayek, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Bella Hadid, Kate Hudson, etc.

Thus, they wanted to talk about the problem that needs to be addressed.

Source: spletnik.ru
Photo: spletnik.ru

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