Starbursts in 2018

Starbursts in 2018 will be frequent guests of our sky. Beautiful and fascinating spectacle you can enjoy in the first days of January.

Meteors are the positive and negative energy charges that depend on their passage through the constellations. A big role in this play and the location of the Sun with the Moon. Since ancient times people watched the shooting stars, had foretold him the future and knew in advance about possible problems. Besides, shooting stars are a wonderful way to make heart’s deepest desire. The main thing — to have time to speak to him before seen the light of falling stars, and to believe in miracles.

Meteor shower 3-4 January: a stream of quadrantid

Meteor shower will pass near the constellation of Bootes and will continue for six days. His peak will be observed on 3 and 4 January, and see a beautiful sight it will be possible in the second half of the night. This thread will not be visible to those who live in the southern hemisphere, but those who live in the North, will be able to enjoy stargazing in full, if weather conditions permit.

Esoterics believe that this meteor shower can cause small misunderstandings and conflicts between close relatives. To avoid trouble you can, doing good deeds, and do not trust rumors and gossip. Believe only the facts and be able to forgive dear to the hearts of people so that your relationships remain warm and hollow understanding.

Starfall 16-25 April: star rain Lirid

A short stream of meteors will continue for several days, but to see it will be just before sunrise. According to astrologers, this thread is one of the oldest, and the first mention of this event was recorded in the year 687. And again enjoy a wonderful spectacle to people living in the Northern hemisphere.

This thread will be in the constellation Lyra, which gives people the creative energy. During the week everyone can show their talents and achieve success in certain areas. Beware is envious, which could create obstacles to the people of art. Esotericism is recommended not to tell anyone about his plans, and silently go to success by improving your skills.

Meteor shower July 28-30: star rain akvarid

This time, a meteor shower will pass near the constellation of Aquarius. A short time, he will “give” approximately 20 meteors per hour, which means you can have some wishes. See the star rain will be possible from the southern hemisphere.

During a meteor shower you will have a chance to vent creative energy and begin to create beautiful pieces of art. Problems can arise for those who prefer to act without weighing all of the pros and cons of their decisions. To achieve success these days, give up impulsive solutions and insights based on emotion. Do not refuse the help and support of loved ones who will be able to help you. Make decisions based on reason, and use all his experience to avoid mistakes.

Starfall from 20 may to 2 July: Aristide

This Starfall is almost impossible to see with the naked eye, as it will be shortly after sunrise. Peak meteor shower will reach 7-8 June, and if you use special devices, you can see a splendorous sight, which will happen near the constellation of Aries.

During this free fall and many people will feel the need to dive into your inner peace, to resolve pressing issues and sum up the intermediate results of their activities. Esoterics is called the period of free fall Arietid wonderful time in order to begin the path to self-improvement, quitting bad habits and forgiveness of the offenders. Use meditation to better understand their needs and to find the path that you are destined to go.

Starfall 9-13 August: the Perseids

This meteor shower is one of the oldest and is the largest meteor shower in 2018. In an hour you will be able to see more than 20 meteors. The duration of the free fall from 17 July to 25 August, but to see with your own eyes it will only be possible in a short period of time. Will be a meteor shower near the constellation of Perseus.

In the period of free fall and the people will worsen infighting. It will be important to choose light side, to fight with the manifestations of negativity and counter-aggression. Showing mercy and helping loved ones, you will be able to achieve in life of success and prosperity.

Starfall 8-10 October: star showers Draconid

This stream will pass near the constellation of the Dragon from 7 to 12 October, the Most active he will be in for three nights, and watch for him would be in the Northern hemisphere. A beautiful sight will be visible during the night, so to enjoy it you will be able to fully, if only the clouds will cover the sky.

Meteor shower near the constellation of the Dragon improves health, bestows wealth and luck. Days of intensive use Starfall to strengthen the immune system, time to it a new diet and physical activity. From 7 to 12 October you can plan the conclusion of bargains, make a planned purchase or engage in the purchase and sale of real estate. The business, started in this period, promises to thrive for many years under your care and desire to grow.

Starfall 2 October to 7 November: the flow of Orionid

The peak of activity of this thread will be 20 and 21. Spectacular meteor shower will be one of the brightest and most will pass near the constellation of Orion. High speed meteors will leave on the dark sky with bright streaks that will fade slowly than will delight observers.

This meteor shower will affect emotions, and therefore, people need to hold back, not to get in trouble. Take care of loved ones, and you will be able to enjoy wonderful relationships with loved ones and close friends. Frank conversation and recognition are a hallmark of autumn 2018. Avoid negative emotions, so as not to scare away the whimsical Fortune.

Starfall 14-21 November: Leonid star showers

This stream of meteors shows its activity time in 33 years, when the Earth squall burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere meteors. The following phenomenon can be seen only in 2034. Will be a meteor shower near the constellation Leo.

Increase efficiency and disclosure of dormant abilities and talents will be the hallmark of the Leonid stream. Pay attention to not only themselves but also the people around you. Caring and sharing will help you to reach new heights.

Meteor shower December 4-17: meteor shower geminid

This free fall ends in 2018, and it will be near the constellation Gemini — the most ambiguous and controversial. Two nights — from 12 to 13 and 13 to 14 December — the show will be available to residents of the Northern hemisphere.

The impact of this stargazing will affect people’s desire to learn something new, to accomplish feats that go in an unexpected journey or to change their place of residence. Also during meteor stream increasing attraction to occult teachings and this time will be suitable for rituals aimed at bringing prosperity and prosperity. Astrologers recommend to keep measure to avoid fatigue and loss of strength.

During each of the meteorite stream, you can make a wish, to succeed in life and make a lot of useful things.