Star of TV series “Univer” Natalia Rudova published a beach photo

Actress Natalia Rudova in your Instagram published a beach photo in bikini. She accompanied it with the comment that English can be translated as “Good morning, world.”


The photo on the background of the sea, filled with sun, in 21 hours gained more than 103 thousand likes. 200 comments of people signed into the account I wish the actress good morning, Declaration of love to her work and complimenting beauty.

Over the years of its work, Natalia Rudova took part in 38 projects, among them not only the sitcom “Univer” role of Xenia Andreevna Kovalchuk. One of the first major works of the actress became the TV series “Tatyana’s day”, where she performed the main role, playing Tatyana Barinov. Natalia Rudova is also known for the main role in the melodrama “Breathe with me”, “Conditions of contract”, “Jamaica”, “Night violet” and “the Witness”, the word “Amazon” and crime film “Kiss in the head.”

This year the actress appeared in the music video of Anna Sedokova “First love” and TV series “Junior”. Soon, on September 28, the screens will be released film “love in the big city.”