Star of Soviet cinema Lyubov Polekhina broke his arm

What happened to the actress of the film “mothers and Daughters” in Blagoveshchensk

Emergency situation happened to legendary Soviet actress Love Polehinke. During a trip to the cinema and theater festival “Amur autumn” the artist broke his arm. It happened at the airport in Moscow, when Love was sent to Blagoveshchensk. Polehina with a suitcase was attacked by other passengers, who for some reason needed to overtake her. The actress could not resist and fell. However, at hand obvious damage was not visible, so polehina decided that she had a bruise or sprain.
“It was painful. I thought the pain would pass, but does not get any easier,” said the actress exclusive Znamenitka. Fortunately, at the festival, the victim is not thrown, but after learning about her problem, he immediately assisted. Polehin was taken to the emergency room. “I did an x-ray which showed a fracture. Imposed plaster “, — said the artist.
But the star of the secular movies are not discouraged. Plaster it hides under the beautiful scarf, which uses as a hand support.