Star Donald trump on the walk of Fame is now in police custody

Star Donald trump on the walk of Fame in Hollywood is not in danger. In October, unidentified hooligans (or social activists) crashed through it because of the performances of the odious politician who turned in the chair to the President. Now, after renovation, the restored a star to guard.

Security will be engaged not only by private entities, and the officers of the Los Angeles police Department, and a few patrols that will more often than usual to run these streets. The same private security guards Donald was entrusted an honorable mission for the protection of your personal piece of granite.

They will look to one of their disgruntled trump doesn’t mock star. Recall that even now, three weeks after the election of the President of the United States, still in some places, a rally of disgruntled Donald people. Odious politician and media Mogul-billionaire got two million votes less than his opponent Hillary Clinton, however, due to the peculiar election system was the winner. During his campaign, trump has repeatedly made controversial statements regarding women and minorities, and after one of his talks someone trashed his star.

Source: http://www.tmz.com
Photo: http://www.tmz.com

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