Stand Up season 6 1 issue 10.09.2017 watch online


New performances of the best of stenderu Russia on the stage show Stand Up. The focus, as always, the most urgent and pressing issues as personal and global scale. If Viktor Komarov will talk about his dislike of alcohol, Nurlan Saburov complain of the education of children and the performance will be surprised at the existence of the family in which ??3, not 8,and 26 children, Ivan Abramov to threaten on a more acute and urgent. He will talk about Central television, the negativity that it exudes, news about Ukraine and their attitude to all this.

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Age limit: 16+
Production Company: Comedy Club Production
Original title: Stand Up
First series: fall 2013
Genre: Comedy ( stand-up, humor, satire)
Issued: Russia / TNT
Moderator: Ruslan White
Co-founder and creative producer of the show Ruslan White
Languages: Russian language, Telugu
Location: Moscow
Broadcast period: fall 2013-present
The best monologues of the resident STAND UP(Stand Up) and full editions – all for you.
Show residents: Alexander Shalyapin, Ruslan White, Julia Akhmedov, Alexei Scherbakov, Dmitry Romanov, Ivan Abramov, Ivan Usovich, Nurlan Saburov, Slava Komissarenko, Stas Starovoytov, Timur karginov, Viktor Komarov.