Spiritual and energetic causes of diseases

Everyone has aura, which protects him from negative outside influence. Sometimes, this protection is weakened, which adversely affects the physical and moral condition. The cause of the weakening of the biofield can be many factors leading to diseases.

The reasons for the spiritual and energy diseases weight. Practices and esotericism note that they can occur due to improper behavior and actions that negatively affect karma. Anyway, any action leading to the weakening of the biofield, is a real threat to human health and requires immediate intervention and remediation.

The causes of diseases

The main diseases of the human body are closely linked to thoughts and actions. Healers claim that every disease can be triggered by emotional imbalance, negative energy emanating from the person. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru I represent to your attention of diseases that can be triggered by the behavior and reactions of man to the outside world.

Arrhythmia is a consequence of the lack of warm relations with close people. The callousness and insularity, harsh words can lead to heart disease, which is unable to “experience” the negative feelings towards dear people. Also this disease may occur due to uneven flow of energy, that is your anger alternates with kindness.

Myopia often affects people who begin to criticize others. The return energy of anger and dissatisfaction with your negative comments affects the chakra that is responsible for the vision, and you cease to be protected by its own bio-field from-for frequent attacks of negative emotions.

Problems with the veins can occur due to frequent suppression of negative emotions within yourself. Boiling energy inside that fills you with negative charge, able to exert influence not only on the veins, but also on the internal organs. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend the use of exercise, to vent emotions by stress on the body.

Problems with the gastrointestinal tract are often the result of your dismissive attitude to other people. Evil ridicule, irony and sarcasm are capable of destroying impact on your energy, robbing you of natural protection against negative energy. This manner of behavior has a negative impact on health, not allowing you to grow and enthusiasm to solve problems for their own well-being.

Headaches occur because of excessive selfishness. As soon as you cross the line and begin to put pressure on others, the protective organisms of the mechanism begin to fail. Healers say that the most prone to headaches people who are accustomed to suppress the will of others, to be self-centered or, on the contrary, always give in and allow the enemies to use your kindness.

Diabetes provokes a squeamish attitude towards people who do not have significant enough social status, and admiration for the people with power. This behavior quickly destroys your power protection and negatively affects spiritual growth. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru note that when this behavior occurs, people become vulnerable to any manifestation of evil.

A toothache is a product of the overly critical attitude to the people around you. Condemning people provokes the blocking of positive energy and makes you extremely vulnerable to various diseases that are associated not only with teeth, but with the entire oral cavity. Healers recommend you to reconsider and to pay attention to strengthen the biofield.

Skin diseases reflect your lack of respect for people. Such traits as arrogance and self elevation above others, provoke the emergence of various diseases. Also, the cause may be the greed and selfish intentions. In this case the team dailyhoro.ru recommends to subdue pride and look at their behavior from the outside, to understand what is the reason, and try to get rid of negative manifestations, which can cause self.

The reason for the energy and spiritual diseases can serve as a deception and pride. In this case, the energy of the human bio-field becomes thinner in a short time, and it becomes susceptible to behaviours such as fractures, muscle sprains and other bone diseases.

Insect bites with subsequent swelling and severe pain are signs of the same arrogance and aggression towards others people. If you are concerned about insect bites more than others, healers are recommended to look for the causes in their behaviour and attitude towards people. If you do not stand in the way of correction, that will trigger complications of diseases and energy exhaustion, which will lead to even more complex negative processes in your body.

Mental problems can provoke excessive knowledge and information that you don’t use. Knowledge, contributed by each person, requires the implementation and effective application without it negatively affects the subconscious and can cause multiple personality disorder, and headaches. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru note that the most vulnerable to such disorders people dealing with occult Sciences. The desire to know more out of curiosity, but without application, it becomes a time bomb. The accumulation of such knowledge demands commitment, without which you become subject to spiritual and physical problems.

Illnesses provoked by spiritual poverty, treatable. You should begin the development of their own souls and pay more attention to the behavior, trying to get rid of any negativity. Energy cause of diseases can become and the negative impact from the outside. In this case, you need to be concerned about their own safety, to prevent spoiling and the evil eye, as well as daily to strengthen the biofield with the help of special exercises, amulets, and talismans.