Spielberg called the best candidate for the role of bond

Spielberg called the best candidate for the role of bond

In a heated debate about who will be the next James bond, intervened Director Steven Spielberg.

The famous Director has decided to support one of the contenders for the role of a special agent. According to Steven, the best with this role can manage Idris Elba. A few months after Daniel Craig announced his categorical refusal to star in the sequel of James bond, all of the contenders for the main role in the film about the superspy is growing every week. Steven Spielberg decided to return to the top contenders Idris Elba, who began to lose their positions after the list has appeared, Tom Hiddleston.

The famous Director responsible said that a British actor should play in the spy franchise. “I’m a big fan of bond and I would like to see it, so to speak, in a new color. I think Idris Elba would be the right choice, of course, if Daniel doesn’t decide to come back,” said Spielberg.

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Due to the fact that the film project left, and Director Sam Mendes, Stephen also hinted that they could participate in the creation of further James Bond movies. It turned out that after the phenomenal release of “Jaws” and tape “Close encounters of the third kind”, which was a huge success, Stephen offered his services as a Director of bond films, but was rejected.


Source and photo: segodnya.ua