Spicy photoshoot Darya and Sergey Pintara shocked fans

Ex-participants of “House-2” Daria Pynzar Sergey starred in a candid photoshoot for a magazine cover. The pair caused a strong reaction of the fans.

In the Network actively discussed the photographs of the couple Daria and Sergey Panzara, who have decided to do some juicy shots for the new issue of the magazine “the House-2”. Especially there was much discussion of the chest and the figure of Daria Pynzar.

The basic claim was that in the opinion of the users of social networks, spouses should not make such pictures for all to see.

“They say, a woman from the village, you can display, but a village of women are not. So that is about it. She was a farm, and remained,” write the detractors in the picture.

Note that Sergey and Darya Pintara consider the same model family, which was established on the project. The couple have an apartment, and several thriving businesses. In addition, Pinzari raise two children.