Spell on the water

If the despair of unrequited love bothers you, taking away your energy, you can use love spells that will help to attract or to return the beloved.

Long black and white spell on the water were considered the most effective, since water has the ability not just to perceive and store the information and subsequently transmit it. A variety of these charms large: for men, for women, to return the extinct feelings and so on. Below you can see the most effective methods of preparirovania the person to whom you are not indifferent.

To bewitch a man

Women often suffer from unrequited love and ready for any action, if only their beloved reciprocated. In this case, you will approach a love spell designed to attract men.

Light the candle and pour water into a bowl below it you could see your reflection. Looking at him, say:

“As this candle burns, and you, servant of God (name), when I burn you. How am I, the servant of God (name), you can see your reflection and you except me to see anyone not want to.”

Then pour the water into a glass and let’s drink to the beloved. If a man refuses to drink water, you can quietly pour it in the food. The power of this method, you will be able to notice after only a small amount of time.

To charm a woman

Not only women suffer from unrequited love. If the spouse lost interest or lover rejected you, the next spell will help you.

In this case, you can use water, tea or coffee. Take a glass of liquid and say:

“Water drunk, and my love never to get drunk can not. Gonna love me — love can’t.”

Let a woman drink from a glass. If it is not possible to make contact with his beloved, you can pour this water on the threshold of her house, but in this case the result will have to wait a little longer.

Return a loved one

Many couples who are fortunate enough to make the right choices and to live my life with only one person, I can say that love can still last forever. But, unfortunately, there are situations when the family is falling apart and none of the arguments can no longer keep it. In this case, you will also help the spell, selected by the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru.

Besides the charms, there are other ways to keep her husband in the family: charms, prayers, rituals. If the spouse still left the family, and you are unable to deal with it, you can use the following spell on the water. You must take a glass of water and say:

“You’re freedom will not get with me forever near you. If I didn’t get, then nobody will get”.

As we have mentioned above, if you can not give your loved one to drink the enchanted water, pour it under the threshold of the house or apartment. Particularly suitable method in this case, if your spouse out of the house took a mistress (lover). In this case, your loved one is soon cool to someone who is separated and wants to come back.

No doubt that the methods described will give a positive result and the object of your affection wants to stay with you forever. In the case of reciprocity, your family idyll will never crack. But do not overdo love with love spells — use this method only in extreme cases. Not necessarily to make the other person fall in love with you enough to meet someone who’s sincere will love you. Be happy