Sophie Marceau broke up with chef Cyril Lignac

French actress Sophie Marceau two years ago made the difficult decision for themselves. She decided to leave her husband – actor Christopher Lambert.

Two years it took the star of the film “One meeting” to get over my divorce and again to agree to an affair with a man, whom was Cyril Lignac, a famous Parisian chef and owner of the famous bistro Le Chardenoux. The couple began in January of this year.

Despite the fact that all the fans of the actress supported her in her choice and sincerely wish her happiness, the novel came to an end. And, for what reason is unknown.

French tabloids write that the couple stopped a month ago. That Cyril no longer related with Sophie, is the fact that the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the actress, the man was not invited.

Note that the chance to restore those relations are. A few days ago, Cyril got in a terrible accident,the result of which was polygamy injuries, including head trauma, fractures of the tibia and fibula of the left leg.

Fans of Sophie believe that she may take pity on her ex-man again and to try to construct with it love.


Source: hellomagazine.com
Photo: hellomagazine.com

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