Soon mom Olga Rapunzel could become a full member of “House 2”

However, much more unexpected and intriguing news came just before the New year, when it became known that the consent to become a full member of “House 2” mom gave Olga Rapunzel – Tatiana Grigorievskaya. As it became known, Dmitry Dmitrenko, with whom the woman had serious problems, not only asked her for forgiveness, but also asked her to stay in the Perimeter, the site says life-dom2.su.

Dima is convinced that if she and Tatiana Vladimirovna will be able to get along under the same roof, a woman could be a good carer for their wife and young family, especially in light of the fact that Olga in the near future will give birth to the firstborn, and the help of my mother and her way of life.

“Well, that’s just not enough, just on the project got rid of mom again ready to bring a new party? Why?” – asked the fans of “House 2”.