Son of Natalia Oreiro loves Russian fairy tales

Thanks to the TV series “Wild angel” Natalia Oreiro many years ago captivated the Russian audience. Actress, and later found out – also a singer, liked to our citizens, forced to empathize with her character. Moreover, made to love her songs in an unfamiliar language, which nevertheless penetrated into the heart.

Oreiro has repeatedly confessed his love for Russia and her people, she loves his Russian fans and sometimes even tries to communicate with them in Russian.

Soon Natalia is preparing to fly again to Russia to give a concert in Moscow.

In anticipation of this event Oreiro gave an interview where he spoke about the role of Russian culture in the lives of her family.

The star admitted that her son Merlin in awe of Russian fairy tales and “adores fairy tales “the Gingerbread man”, “Fox and bear”, “Morozko”, “Cheburashka””.

“And one of my favorite — about a mammoth who is looking for her mother. All these books presented us with my fans. A learned Spanish to communicate with me, and presented tales transferred in advance”, — says Natalya.

By the way, this visit to Russia will become Oreiro special as a trip he will take her husband and son.

“When I told Merlin that he would go with me, my son was delighted: “Mom, I love Russian girls, they are beautiful,” says the artist. — But he’s only four years! When I give gifts, he brags to friends in the garden: “This is my mother brought from Russia”. And his friends dream of him to come here. They don’t know that it needs to fly 20 hours on a plane!”

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: womanadvice.ru

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