Son of Janna Friske asked grandpa to give them to dad’s house and money

Because of the conflict with the family of Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev did not allow them to visit her grandson, only a court decision forced the broadcaster to make concessions. Recently hosted the long-awaited next meeting of the Plato with his grandmother, grandfather and aunt, which took place in one of the children’s centers in Moscow.

Plato was accompanied by dad and three bodyguards. In an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the family’s lawyer Friske said that Vladimir Khristenko, Olga and their youngest daughter Natalia talked to the boy, asked him about success, about how he spends time and brought him gifts. The kid acted naturally and seemed very pleased. However, presents Plato refused, saying that he dad was not permitted to take anything from grandparents.

When Vladimir Borisovich remained with his grandson alone, he said, “Grandpa, when will you bring us with dad’s money and house?” Probably it was about a country house of Jeanne, part of which was inherited to her parents and the other to Plato and Dmitry. But what about the money asked a boy — unknown. Vladimir Borisovich was infuriated by this, and then went to Shepelevo and told me not to encourage the child to relatives.