Son of Carla Bruni was beaten and robbed in Paris

15-year-old son Carla Bruni Aurelien recently experienced real stress. Right in the centre of Paris, the guy was beaten and robbed.

The incident happened on November 23. With his College buddies Orelia back wash, when suddenly the students came up unknown and demanded to give them mobile phones. Immediately to follow orders unknown guys refused. It’s criminals and angry scuffle ensued, after which the robbers ran away. Did they take away phones or the boys managed to defend his property, not specified.

Now Orelle is at my parents ‘ house, and his mom Carla Bruni can’t find a place for that ugliness that is happening on the streets of one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.

Bruni said he will throw all forces on searches of criminals, and also intends to strengthen the protection of his family.

Reference: Orele – the son of Bruni and Professor of philosophy and radio host Rafael Enthoven. And when Carla found out about her pregnancy, she was in a relationship with the father Antoine critic, philosopher and publisher Jean-Paul Antivenom.

By the way, Orelia followed in the footsteps of his paternal relatives and show-business preferred science.

Orale interested in paleontology.

Source: hellomagazine.com
Photo: hellomagazine.com

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