Son Halle berry took hostage

Attempts to establish his personal life, Halle berry must have forgotten that she is not only a woman in search of happiness, but once a successful actress.

Recently, the role of the cat-Woman is not pleased us with her appearance in the movies in high-quality projects. I hope that in new films will change.

Soon on the big screen comes a Thriller that critics have dubbed the female version of “Hostages” with Liam Neeson.

In the film called “Abduction” character berry for yourself to experience the horror of the situation, when lost her little son.

A desperate woman willing to do anything to save their child, and no obstacles will not stop it.

Note that the premiere of “Abduction” has a chance to break. This can happen because of the bankruptcy of the production company Relativity. However, what this information does not comment.

Recall that in a short time, Holly takes another very promising project.

In 2017, the screens will be released the sequel to the blockbuster “Kingsman” (Kingsman: The Golden Circle), where berry was one of the main roles.

Source: spletnik.ru
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