Some people can’t be trusted: the 10 types of energy vampires

Some people have the ability to affect our energy field, causing irritation, stress and fatigue. To avoid such people is necessary for personal health and well-being.

There are several types of people that poison our daily lives. For the most part they “eat” strong emotions and literally enjoying our helplessness. If you work with or constantly have to deal with such people, the first rule of self-security is the control of emotions. You must learn to manage them so as not to give any chance to the energy vampires to take advantage of you for selfish purposes. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to use exercises to strengthen the biofield with the help of which you increase your protection. So how do you recognize among the entourage of people that represent a real threat? Scientists have identified several types of personalities, contacts are better to limit.


A characteristic feature of gossip is the excitement and joy when discussing other people’s problems and experiences. Such people rarely think about the tact of your questions and is able importunate to ask you about the details of his personal life. Not to get “paws” to that energy vampire, you should as little as possible to communicate with him. If contact is unavoidable, remember that your life is only you, therefore, to the provocative questions you should answer in monosyllables, or to steer the conversation in another direction. Avoid aggression, manifested in the address of the gossip, not to provoke their heated imagination and a new flow of unwanted issues.

Temperamental personality

Such people rarely can control their own emotions, and literally make us their stories. It is charged with their troubles all around. They press their negativity, giving rise to guilt, causing the energy field of the opponent be subjected to huge energy attacks. They can easily make you a “vessel” in which to drain the excess negative energy, causing you constant irritation and anger.

People-the victims

These energy vampires at first, quite difficult to recognize. You can sympathize with them to show emotions and to help the victims, not knowing that trapped. But after a while you will realize that their life seemed to be composed of misfortunes and difficult cases that, in their opinion, can only solve you. Use the Laws of the Universe, not to allow such people to manipulate you. Otherwise you risk to live your and their lives solving other people’s problems.

Fixated on people

These people affect a positive attitude, forcing us to be a tool to grow their self-esteem and confidence. They are often the outcasts of companies and spend time in solitude and waiting for the next victim. Often, this type of energy vampirism provokes in us a low self-esteem, isolation, and dissatisfaction with oneself and the surrounding world.

Envious people

Envious able to distort your opinion of yourself. They have a negative impact on self-esteem, constantly leaving snide comments in your address. Them always and not all satisfied with the life of other people, and they tear the anger from their failures on selected victims.


Manipulators are often “rubbed” to us in trust, to hide behind friendship, arousing in us a sense of duty. They do not leave the victim, forcing her to do for them the necessary work, while not feeling guilty. On the contrary, they inspire in his soldiers a sense of duty and freely use them.

People-the Dementors

This type of energy vampires — not a fairy tale. They are distinguished by special negative energy due to which they affect their victims. The presence of such a person in our surroundings gives the mood swings, the feeling of loneliness and often cold or even a fever. The pessimistic mood of the Dementors quickly transferred to the victim, forcing her to experience negative feelings and even depression.

Quarrelsome people

Such persons initially are negative and literally crave the showdown. They are straightforward and never beating around the Bush. Such people are easy to identify. Stay away from them without provoking aggression towards you.


Such individuals are distinguished by their views on each issue. They will tell you that you are doing in a negative light and continue to criticize your actions under any circumstances. These vampires take the positive energy, forcing us to abandon our daring dreams and desires.

Arrogant people

This type can be seen from afar. Energy vampirism, which “trades” arrogant personality, is a real threat to our energy field. Such people often try to pass themselves not for who really are, and not choose a strong spirit of sacrifice. Due to her haughty personality trying to become a leader, leaving behind disillusioned in the lives of people who are prone to frequent mood swings and depression.

To avoid harm from such people, you need to devote time daily to their development. Don’t forget that strong willed people are the least susceptible to energy vampires, and most effective weapon often is a smile and a good mood.