Solovyov “walked” on the family of Urgant after a joke about “Nightingale droppings”

Discussing the conflict leading

In a recent edition of his show, Ivan Urgant tried various cosmetic products that are brought to the Studio guest, blogger, Irena Ponaroshku. The main ingredient the composition of one of the masks, which is a leading fearlessly struck his face, according to make-believe, was Nightingale droppings. After what Ivan jokingly remarked that it would be referred to the program on the channel “Russia”.

After some time in your talk-show Vladimir Solovyov during the meeting about “the breakthrough of Mikheil Saakashvili”, suddenly asked if the name Ivan Urgant base “Peacemaker”. Then he said that his father was Andrei Lvovich definitely on the list. According to Solovyov, not to get into “the Peacemaker,” enough “nasty” to make a joke about it on my channel.