Soloist MBAND commented on the information about Anna Sedokova


After a recent intriguing joint photo 34-year-old singer Anna Sedokova and 28-year-old soloist MBAND Anatoly Tsoi, rumors about the affair of artists has increased considerably.

And while fans of the singer, which continues to conceal the name of the father of her third child, expect new revelations on the Network, commented on the situation Anatoliy Tsoy.
What relationship actually associate it with sexual ex-participant of group “VIA Gra”, the musician commented in an online conference.

“Anya we’re just friends. We’re close friends since the days of the project I Want to Meladze and support each other in all endeavors. We are all great. Rarely, when in the age you can meet someone like. It’s a strong friendship, although I think that we share something more,“ admitted Choi.