Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017: the impact on human energy

In August, space objects form a “corridor of eclipses”. This time will be filled with harmonious as well as destructive energy flows. You need to protect your energy and to direct the activity of the heavenly bodies to their advantage.

Eclipse is a bright astronomical event, followed by energy intensity, which is literally felt in the air. August marked two eclipses: lunar and solar, of which one has already occurred. Astronomical phenomena succeed each other, form a challenging and exciting period for all life on the planet.

Solar Eclipse August 21

21 August solar Eclipse will occur on the axis of a Lion. Lion — a symbol of creativity, power and pride. Quite burning energy will be to fill people born under the auspices of the fire or the Sun.

On the world stage it will affect the mood of society: there will be the urge to upgrade, it will increase dissatisfaction with the existing state of Affairs, exacerbated local conflicts. The end of the month will be crowded with momentous events. Much will depend on the personal qualities and zodiacal characteristics. You should be ready to take a leadership position, calmly respond to everything that happens.

Solar Eclipse effect on the human energy

The second in 2017 Eclipse of the Sun will take place on the 21st, at 19:49 Moscow time. Day star is in the active position, strengthened by the constellation of Leo. We expect a total Eclipse, which unfortunately can be seen only on the territory of the United States of America. The inhabitants of Central Russia will not be able to see the darkened disk of the sun, but the energy impact of this event will be felt, regardless of its visibility.

Astrological conditions of this period are much more favourable in comparison with the lunar Eclipse, so it can be considered rather positive than negative. The focus will be on aspects of Uranus, the moon and the Sun. The main themes that will affect this astrological event, will be directed in the direction of love and creativity.

Reinforced power of the Sun in Leo will give all the representatives of the zodiacal circle determination, commitment and the opportunity to develop its energy potential. Astrologers recommend to listen to your heart and act based on their desires and inner resources. A powerful pulse of energy should be channelled in a creative direction or use them for new victories in matters of the heart.

New projects should only proceed after there will be a solar Eclipse. In the period of the dimming fluorescent lights is necessary to work on harmonization of feelings and emotions. You should not look for trouble, to participate in the pursuit of material success, to put themselves above others.

In relationships, this day can cause problems. Astrologers warn that there is a growing sense of selfishness and greed. Possibly this should be removed for the benefit of a happy future.

Proper distribution of power

A solar Eclipse will pass through the element of Fire in the Sign of Leo. It will definitely affect emotions. There are various kind of confrontation both on the domestic and on the global level. Specialists in bioenergetics are encouraged to maintain self-control and prudence. No need to dwell on negative experiences, to make a hasty decision that you may regret. It is advisable to tune in to the optimistic and practice positive thinking.

Solar activity will give a powerful burst of energy that borders on emotional and physical burnout. Do not try to grasp the immensity — this can deprive you of vitality. On this day in the forefront is consistency and calmness. Slip important things for a single day, properly distribute their inner strength, allow yourself to relax.

Part of the raging energy reasonably directed to strengthen the biofield and health. Let the solar Eclipse will give you the starting day for quitting bad habits. Moderate exercise will help to tone up the body. Proper nutrition will provide the rest of the digestive system.

In the period of a solar Eclipse should not expose themselves to emotional and physical stress. It’s time for the release of the accumulated negative and pointing to new victories. Mismanagement of the energy of this day may lead to a complete devastation, bordering on apathy. We wish you good mood, good luck, good luck. Take care of yourself, be happy