Sokolovsky and Dakota was born a girl

The couple announced the news to its subscribers

23 Oct graduates of the project “Factory of stars”, 27-year-old Rita, Dakota and 26-year-old Vlad Sokolovsky, became parents for the first time. At 19:35 Moscow time the light appeared the girl artists named MIA. The birth took place in one of Moscow’s perinatal centers.

In his microblog novoispechennyh father has already announced the parameters of the baby, 52 cm 3 kg 280 grams. “Baby, you my everything, you know, thank you for the most incredible gift in my life! It’s just a SPACE!” — he turned to his wife in Instagram.

“Favorite @vs20, thank you for this happiness! You’re the best husband and father in the world, you’re the center of the universe! Thank you for the girl-the space for love and confidence,” replied Rita. Then welcomed baby MIA Sokolowski: “the Promise that there will be at least very fun.”