Sofia Rotaru personally bake cakes for fans

This day fans of the three people’s artist Sofia Rotaru forward each year to personally congratulate his favorite holiday. On August 7 many years Sofia Mikhailovna welcomes everyone in her house yard, where treats them to champagne and various Goodies that she prepares.

In this day Rotaru celebrates his next birthday. And Rotaru knows many fans in person and by name, noticing new hair style and interested in their children’s success. And every year, admirers, decided to personally congratulate the three people’s artist, it becomes more and more – it attracts up to two hundred people. Flowers, books, DIY gifts are always a lot.

Unfortunately for the fans this year from a similar celebration Sofia Mikhailovna refused and poselkam with the fans, chose to vacation in Italy with his family – with his son Ruslan Evdokimenko, his wife Sveta and grandchildren Sonia and Tolik. “A big celebration this year Sofia Mikhailovna deliberately not satisfied, — told in telephone conversation, the sister of star singer Aurika Rotaru. – you need to reserve forces for the jubilee year. On the 70th anniversary will be a big celebration, and yet she chose to stay Italy with its mild climate and blue sea”.

Source: from-ua.com, dni.ru
Photo: from-ua.com

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